Sowing Seed – A true story

Greetings from Jack’s Place
A True Story – The beginning
Every person, male or female, who claims to be a Christian, should be spending time in the Christian Manual on a daily basis.
The Christian Manual, of course, is the Bible. One of my goals for this blog is to help you see the truth of that statement: “You should be reading the Bible daily.”
I’m not sure that the amount of time matters as much as the quality of time. I am sure, however, that everyone has at least fifteen minutes a day where they can be alone with God and His Manual.
Hi, my name is Jack and this is my place on the vast internet where God has instructed me to go and spread His word (like a farmer spreading seed) to as many as will listen, and to tell the Christian Community (all over the world) that they need to spend more time with Him.
Yes, I am serious when I say, “God instructed me.” He speaks to me practically on a daily basis. And I believe that it’s because I spend so much time with Him.
I’m 76 years old and I never read my first word in the Bible until I was thirty-three. At that time, a marvelous thing happened and it has ultimately changed my entire life. It didn’t happen all at once. In fact, it has taken many years and many trials for me to finally catch on and arrive at the point where I am now. And that’s another reason why I am speaking to you today.
You will see, as we go along, that my biggest issue was trust and obedience. And you will also see what I had to go through to come to where God wanted me, and I want to help you to avoid all the pitfalls I encountered on my way to where I am today.
My walk with God began back in 1973, in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, where I worked as a police officer. At the time my story begins, I had been a police officer for seven years. Because of the things I had seen in those first seven years, and the things I had encountered in my childhood, I was a bona-fide cynic. To be honest, I was a hard drinking, womanizing, hate-filled s.o.b… I hated everyone including myself. And I didn’t trust anybody; including myself.
The first person I ever learned to hate was my father, and I hated that man with a passion. I was also scared to death of him. I was just a skinny little kid and my father was strong as an ox; and he seemed to enjoy using my Mother and me as punching bags whenever he was drunk. When I was twelve years old, I watched two police officers whup up on his drunken butt and throw him in the back of their patrol car and haul him away. He had made the big mistake of taking a swing at one of them. That was the day I swore to myself that I was going to be a policeman.
And I made good that promise. I spent time in the U.S. Army, the National Guard, and several years as a truck driver so I was in pretty good shape when I graduated from the Police Academy in 1966. The one thing I hated doing as an officer was busting up bar fights. I grew up with a drunk and I hated them all. And what did I do when I got off duty? I went out and got drunk. And the more crap I had to put up with on the job, the more I drank when I was off duty. And I began to hate myself.
Somewhere around 1969/70, I received a letter from my older sister, who lived in Arizona. In that letter she told me how she had attended a Billy Graham Crusade and “got saved”, which I didn’t understand at all. And then in her next few letters she would tell me that I needed to “give my life to Jesus” and a whole bunch other stuff that I had no idea what she was talking about. I finally wrote her back and told her to forget it; to quit writing that stuff. I thought she had lost her mind.
The last letter I got from her said that she would do as I ask; that she wouldn’t write any more but (and these are her exact words), she said, “I’m going to pray that God will send someone to you; someone you will listen to.”
Well, sure enough, her prayer was answered. It wasn’t immediate though; it took three years. In February, 1973, I was introduced to a new rookie straight out of the academy. I knew he was straight out of the academy the moment I laid eyes on him because his shoes and the brim of his cap were highly spit-shined. That was always a dead giveaway back then.
His name was Jim and I was ordered to take him out and “teach him what he hadn’t learned at the Academy.” It didn’t take long; that first day in the patrol car, he must have mentioned Jesus and God at least a hundred times. And he was always smiling. I took an immediate dislike to him.
About the third or fourth day, I was absolutely sick of hearing, ‘thank you Jesus’ or “praise God” and I told him so. I didn’t want to hear any more of that talk. And he said okay. Actually what he said was, “I won’t mention Him any more unless you do.” I scoffed to myself and thought, yeah, that’ll be the day.
I’m here to tell you that day took less than a week. We hadn’t been on duty more than an hour when I asked Jim why he was always smiling. He twisted in his seat so he could face me and asked me if I was kidding or did I really want an honest answer. I said, “I wanna know why you’re so damn happy all the time.”
He said, “I’m happy because I know for a fact that I’m going to heaven when I die.” He put his hand up to shush me and said, “Now let me finish answering your question. Remember, I said I wouldn’t mention God any more until you asked. And you just asked me why I smile. This is my answer.”
“I smile because three years ago somebody told me that God loved me and wanted me to be a part of His family.” Now I don’t remember what all he said but I let him go on for several minutes until he said, “And God loves you, Jack.”
I swear, I thought I was going to cry because of the things he said. But I choked it back; I wasn’t gonna cry in front of nobody. I made that promise a long time ago after my father had beat the tar out of me. And I said. “That’s crap, nobody loves me and I don’t love nobody.” I shouted, “Hell, I don’t even know what the word means.”
That’s when he asked me if I would mind if he brought his bible with him the next day so he could show me what he was talking about. I really wanted to tell him no but my mouth seemed to say yes. And that’s when it all started. I’ll be back in a few days to continue this. Hope you’ll join me.


About Jack C

I'm a retired police officer (1979); Private Investigator (1979-1981) and former seminary student (1988-1991). After seminary I drove a tour bus across country and parts of Canada for 9 years and 500,000 miles. I wrote and self-published my first novel in 1996 (now out of print) and am presently working on 2 new novels. I have 4 daughters (in TX. and Utah) and 9 grandchildren.

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