Search the Scriptures


“….follow the instructions of the Lord…”

“…obey His laws…”

Do you read the Bible?

Do you claim to love God? Do you claim to be a follower of Christ Jesus? If you’re not reading the Scriptures, following the instructions and obeying His laws, then I would have to say that your claims to loving God and following Jesus are not the truth; at least not the whole truth.

Have you ever read Psalm 119? No less than ten times in the first sixteen verses we are told that we should read the Scriptures. If we want to know God, and why wouldn’t we if we say we love Him, then why wouldn’t we read the book He sent us?

In Matthew 7:21 Jesus tells us that “only those who obey the will of God can be His disciples.” How can you obey the “will of God” if you don’t know what it is? And how can you know what it is if you don’t read it?

Are you married? Do you love your spouse? Did you learn all you could about them before you married, or did you just jump in and hope for the  best?

119:15 says it so plain… “I will study your commands and reflect on your ways.” Not just read it, but study it and reflect on it. You cannot expect to be close to God and learn His words merely by listening to a weekly sermon. Acts 17:11 tells us that the people “…searched the Scriptures daily…” to make sure they were being told the truth.

How can we do any less? I urge you to do like they did and like I, myself, do. Search the Scriptures daily. And please don’t use the excuse that you don’t have time; especially if you spend several hours a week in front of the television. What’s more important to you; NFL scores or your soul?

Begin today to read daily and you might start with Psalm 119. The writer of Psalm 119 must say it a hundred times in one form or another:

“revive me by your word”

“encourage me by your word”

“Teach me your decrees”

“I obey your instructions.”

Verse 97 says, “I love your instructions; I think about them all day long.” Now, that’s a man who loves God.

So, I’ll ask you again; do you claim to love God? Then study His words and learn His will.

I pray that God will fill you with the knowledge of His will; with wisdom and understanding. And to God be the glory. Amen


About Jack C

I'm a retired police officer (1979); Private Investigator (1979-1981) and former seminary student (1988-1991). After seminary I drove a tour bus across country and parts of Canada for 9 years and 500,000 miles. I wrote and self-published my first novel in 1996 (now out of print) and am presently working on 2 new novels. I have 4 daughters (in TX. and Utah) and 9 grandchildren.

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